Chubbsafes duo-gard pdf files

This is your opportunity to look under the hood and stock up on winning recipes designed to make brian appleton insurance agents profits go up. Duoguard and duoguard gii from chubbsafes are a range of certified safes providing en 10471 fire or nt fire 017 and 11431 burglary protection. The chubbsafes custodian adapts to your requirements in terms of security, customizability and ease of use. Duoguard is certified en 11431, grades 0 and i for burglary protection and en 10471 for fire protection of paper documents for up to 60 minutes. The safes new composite, torchresistant barrier material dualite ensures burglary and fire protection whilst also reducing its total weight. Protect your valuables and documents from both fire and theft in your office or retail environment. You want a robust but lightweight safe to keep your theftprone, valuables and documents secure in.

Chubbsafes wertschutztresor duoguard ii150 k jetzt. Alphaplus sigma electronic lock version 2 alphaplus sigma key lock. After close inspection of the internal locking mechanism and external construction i am somewhat impressed. Duoguard from chubbsafes offers combined fire and burglary protection certified by ecbs and sp technical research institute of sweden two leading accreditation companies. By signing up for the vip allaccess pass you will also get written training summaries and audio files to listen to the trainings at the gym, in your commute or wherever you like.

Chubbsafes indonesia, kawasan industri mm 2100, j1 bali blok t61 cibitung. Fire file 31 benefit from fire resistance and a generous storage capacity for files in your office. The chubb duoguard safe is a relative newcomer to the safe market. Fire file 31 from chubbsafes is a range of certified filing cabinets providing fire protection for up to one or two hours. The duoguard was designed to meet different protection criteria. Thanks to new dualite torchresistant barrier material, these customisable safes are designed to provide optimal security even at a reduced weight. You want to keep your most important documents and files organised and protected from fire.

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