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Jul 03, 2006 the tannoy c10 was in the tannoy comet series of speakers which also featured a c6 and a c8. They differ by the caliber of heads, power of the amp and are designed to sound rooms of various sizes. Tannoy td10 manual floorstanding loudspeaker hifi engine. Tannoy arden manual heavyweight loudspeaker system hifi. The dc10t features tannoys distinctive 254mm 10inch dual concentric driver a large doped paper drive unit with a 25mm tulip waveguide hornloaded titanium dome tweeter built into the acoustic centre of the drive unit. Tannoy serves up a winner here, with its ts10 subwoofer. Hey there, im looking to add some either 10 or 12 tannoys to my set up. Tannoy all weather i5 mp speaker sign in to comment. My mom and les paul conrad johnsons primier 350 the. A brief career selling midfi gear ended in 1981, when he told a customer. The ts10 is the middle of three subwoofers in tannoy s ts range. View online or download tannoy reveal ts10 user manual.

Can someone advise which would be the best sound winner cum collector. This website contains a compilation of information already available elsewhere on the. Ive used these monitors for monitoring during the tracking of a full band. Tannoy has been designing and manufacturing speakers in the united kingdom for. Tannoy dc10t is by far the absolute best speakers ive had in my setup. Enough output and bandwidth to tackle any situation. Tannoy manuals and user guides full compass systems. We have 1 tannoy diagram, schematic or service manual, and its free to download. They have three obvious areas where they differ from most dynamics, bass and precision in width and depth. Tannoy ltd is a british manufacturer of loudspeakers and publicaddress systems. Any opinions on this subwoofer or any others would be appreciated.

Using a cone material manufactured from a fibre composite and featuring a twin roll surround, the system delivers enhanced midrange performance and tight. Todays dualconcentric tannoy system draws on their best practices from the past. At twice the mass and roughly four times the price, the definition dc10 ti is aiming for a considerably higher level of performance. With both the tannoy and quads active, i played the lowestfrequency tones of the chromatic scale track on editor s choice cd, stereophile stph0162. Difference between tannoy system 10, system 10 dmt, dmt ii. Reveal ts8, reveal ts10, reveal 66, reveal 6, reveal 66d, reveal 8d, reveal 6d, reveal 5a.

The bodys sidetones at comfort volume are also absent. Music with alot of bass wont upset the tannoy 603 ii. View and download tannoy reveal ts12 specifications online. Aug 03, 2012 i also looked at the monitors, lrm, lgm etc, and the manley tannoy monitor. This has a great deal to do with the behavior of the pointsource coaxial driver that assures that sounds produced by two very different transducers maintain their phase coherency.

Definition is not really new series from tannoy, at least if we are to stay at a linguistic plane. They are indeed passive monitors, so they require an external power amplifier. Im interested in the coaxial system 10s or 12s but i dont quite understand the diff between the similar yet differently named versions the drivers and cabs look very similar. The only downside and i was asked about this on here recently is that its not heavy enough. And despite touches of metaltweeteritis, the tannoy is a kickbutt design which goes louder and sounds bigger than any of its major rivals, and without needing highend amplification. Rearpanel jack enables you to use a 3rdparty footswitch to bypass the subwoofer. The tannoy ts10 is an active studio subwoofer with 300 watts of power designed for 2. At the heart of the tannoy dimension loudspeaker range is the famous dual concentric drive unit. I am curious, what would cause you to suggest the ho version, rather than the rss265hf4 10 reference hf driver. Find the user manual you need for your audio device and more at manualsonline. Almost fortuitously a few things came together and i made impulse purchases with little or no planning. An avid vinyl collector and coffee addict, i can often be found at a workbench tinkering with a faulty electronic device, tweaking a turntable to extract the last bit of detail from those tiny grooves in the plastic stuff, or relaxing in front of the hifi with a good album. The famous scottish company tannoy has only one line of subwoofers in its arsenal.

Product information the flagship of the definition range, the definition dc10a is a loudspeaker of pure refinement that embodies tannoys core tenets of musical reproduction. The owners manual suggests that the 50hz music setting provides. Lockwood tannoy speaker technical manual northwest territories. The dc10 tis single most enticing sonic attribute is the coherence with which the speaker reproduces instrumental and vocal signatures. Disclaimer brand names and product names are the property of their respective owners.

The tannoy ts12 is a 1way subwoofer with a frequency response of 26 hz 0. Tannoy ts10 speaker user manual home audio manualsonline. Tannoys ts range of active subwoofers, designed for studio monitoring and. I also looked at the monitors, lrm, lgm etc, and the manley tannoy monitor. Everything you need to know about choosing tannoy speakers. I heard all the tones clearly, as i did the 40 and 32hz tones from the bass decade warble tones track on that disc. From the late 1940s onwards, tannoy dual concentric loudspeakers earned a reputation for accuracy, clarity, and prodigious output which made them extremely popular in the recording and broadcast industries for monitoring audio. Tannoy definition dc10 ti the dc10 tis single most enticing sonic attribute is the coherence with which the speaker reproduces instrumental and vocal signatures. This innovative and worldrenowned design places the tweeter in the throat of the midbass cone to create a cohesive pointsource driver with precise phase coherence.

The right speakers make a big difference in your listening experience. Find the appropriate categories of tannoy products. Download the tannoy ts12 manuals for free hifi manuals. And we reckon you may well want to search out some of those cheaper deals, for this tannoy is a real standout in its price band. If you are an audiophile or enjoy listening to music once in a while, it helps to have speakers that capture the full range of sound. If its crisp it can become tiring after long listening. Weve added this product to our database but we havent actually tested it yet. New listing tannoy reveal 501a pair great condition. The tannoy design is called pepperpot waveguide after its horn shape which resembles an upsidedown pepper pot or shaker. May 15, 2010 does anyone have any information on the tannoy t125.

The 10inch woofer diaphragm is made of paper pulp with a twinroll fabric surround. Featuring 500 watt peak power handling and 6 db sensitivity, it produces clear sound. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. My last encounter with tannoy speakers left me reluctant to return them, so positive was my response to them. Tannoy diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. The tweeter here is one of tannoys wideband designs, extending up into the supertweeter range.

It certainly explores deeper basslines with confidence, filling the room in compelling fashion with music and films. Find best deals and buying advice from consumers on tannoy ts10 subwoofer from reevoo. Page 1 reveal brochure page 2 tannoy ts8 brochure tannoy ts10 brochure system 600 spec. What exactly would be the difference and best tannoy arden models between mk1 hpd 385a versus mk2 3828. I have never heard of a downward firing, nonported sub, but all i need is a little bumpity bump in the 2550hz region, just to feel it at low volumes, check for plosives, etc. Does anyone have any information on the tannoy t125. Speaker has the diffusers diameter of 200 mm and is directed to floor. A10043104rb bob, thanks so much for your suggestion, and your offer to run a simulation. This powered subwoofer tackles bassheavy genres like edm and hiphop like a champ, and flawlessly reproduces the superlowfrequency content inherent in film soundtracks. The tannoy c10 was in the tannoy comet series of speakers which also featured a c6 and a c8. Jas recording of the widor toccata had solid, roomlocking pedal notes that lifted the 32hz display bar of audio tools rta display higher than adjacent frequencies. These were 2way designs and of decent quality but the very least expensive that tannoy made. Generally, the sound in tannoy is playful and catchy, but at the same time accurate and organized.

Tannoy definition dc10a loudspeakers audio emotion. Those speakers, the sensys dc2s, were fullrange floorstanding models using the dualconcentric driver and a supertweeter extending up to 51 khz. Overall it does a good job and bass is well defined and tight compared to my previous cheaper sub. At the heart of the definition series, tannoys dual concentric driver technology provides perfect sound reproduction. Unlike the trapezoidal form of the xt 8f, the cabinet of the dc10 ti and other models in the definition range is curved, which, in addition to aesthetic considerations, results in a more rigid enclosure. Most often if a speaker is detailed its tonal balance is shifted up and it tends to brighten the sound. Designed for midfield use in major studios or as a main monitor for smaller control rooms and mobile studios, the system 12 dmt ii offers the more critical engineer accurate, reference sound quality for music or broadcast monitoring. The ws12 unveils every detail of your mixs low end, all the way down to 23hz at 10db. We have 2 tannoy reveal ts10 manuals available for free pdf download. My tannoy ts10 has decided it doesnt want to turn on anymore. The tannoy system 8s are a pair of monitors designed for use in the recording studio. The company was founded by guy fountain in london, england as tulsemere manufacturing company in 1926 and moved to coatbridge, scotland in the 1970s.

Tannoy ts8 subwoofer tannoy ts8 is a small sized cube, covered with a soft on the touch matte material. Buy the tannoy a090000161580, 10 woofer for ts10 at full compass systems. Predecessors of these speakers came in the first half of the nineties, in terms of definition d300, d500, d700 and the top model d900. It is very tempting to assume that especially the latter trait is related to dual concentric principle, but strictly speaking it is just assumptions on my part. Tannoy arden manual heavyweight loudspeaker system. If it isnt obvious enough, the model number reflected the diameter of the bass driver. Tannoy a090000161580 10 woofer for ts10 full compass. All three models with ts index have the closed box design and lower location of the dynamic head. A single point source alnico dual concentric driver, straight path fully deep cryogenically treated crossover and tannoys signature birchply cabinet construction. You can easily incorporate it as a part of your existing or a new home entertainment system. Boasting a 25cm driver in a sealed, downwardfiring unit, this is one of the larger units here but its still relatively compact in the world of.

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