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Acknowledgments optional dedication optional list of tables. And not every book includes every type of front matter. How conservatives won the heart of america 2004 is a book by american journalist and historian thomas frank, which explores the rise of populist antielitist conservatism in the united states, centering on the experience of kansas, franks native state. A foreword is an essay, or short piece of writing, written by someone. If its the first ten pages, no matter where the story stops, then you might want to move the colophon and authors comments to the. Your ultimate guide to front matter and back matter. Guide for department required hardcopies pdf how to. The title page is especially easy because you dont need to give it a different style.

The process to create, edit, delete, rename or reorder back matter items is the same way as that for chapters, with one additional option. Is there an easy way to get the \frontmatter \mainmatter, and. We all know what the title page is, but whats a half title. The front matter of a book is everything between the front cover and page one, where your story begins. This video explains the types of material included in the front matter, body and end matter of a document. There are, of course, variations to this conventional lineup order. Last week here, i presented the parts of a book which appear in the front of the book. The back matter of your thesis consists of the notes if you have chosen to group. You missed an abstract or executive summary, one or the other and sometimes both of which are often present in technical reports. Authors use their back matter to offer readers further context or information about the story, though back matter can also be extremely simple.

We used to recommend authors put the toc at the back of the book because of the front matter issue, but unfortunately amazon had a minor meltdown about that in january 2016, so now its less hassle to leave it at the front. The back matter also known as the end matter is you guessed it material found at the back of a book. Major sections in the front and back matter and chapters within the body of the thesisdissertation may be listed on the table of contents with left justified headings not indented. Strictly speaking, the introduction is not part of the book front matter at all. The top, right, and bottom margins should be set to 1 inch. Front matter pages are numbered with lower case roman numerals, beginning with the authors declaration page ii following the title page. In traditional publishing, page numbers for the front matter appear in roman numerals. It matters a lot, but sometimes authors get confused about what goes where, when, and why. If you use footnotes, you may 1 place them at the bottom of the page, 2 group them at the end of each chapter, or 3 group them at the end of the thesis, before your bibliography. One of the wonderful things about your thesis is that it is one of the few documents that there is very little constraint on how you are allowed to arrange it. An epilogue is a piece of writing toward the end of the book that is usually used to bring closure to the story afterword. Front matter templates the university of new mexico. In the introduction you explain the usefulness of the book. Whats it matter the front and back matter of a book.

What you include in the front matter of your book depends on the information you want to impart to your reader to help enhance, explain, or set things up. A thesis must include a list of cited literature or bibliography listing all works that are referred to in the text. Across all books of all genres, theres one thing in common. The back matter of a book consists of material that follows the content of the book. Front matter and back matter and why they matter setting. Just as front matter is what you find at the beginning of a book, back matter, simply put, is what you find at the end of a bookthe sections that appear after the. Guides and examples of elements of theses and dissertations. Ive moved shearwater to permafree and got over 5,000 downloads this month. Beware the ebook front matter trap polgarus studio.

Books can be divided into three areas front matter, body content and back matter. Your books front and back matter is, essentially, the stuff that bookends the actual text of the book. Hello, this is ken from bookfuel with a brief explanation of front matter and back matter. But if you started your page numbering at the title page with page 1, all the page numbers in the book will change once you drop in that wonderful new preface. The matter of things all about front and back matter. What is included in front matter really depends on the type of publication, so lets go. Well never look at a childrens picture book in the same way again. Front matter is the first section of a book and is generally the shortest. Many of these principles apply to master theses and books in general.

But that made me realize i was probably missing a major opportunity to connect with those readers, so i checked my back. Pressbooks lets you easily format these and other items as front matter in your book, which will appear prior to the main body. Items in the back matter of a fiction work can include an epilogue, afterword, and author ads. Other lists such as nomenclature or symbols, when necessary. The back matter is the concluding section of a book, and it can contain a whole host of information, and many of these sections are entirely optional. Ensure you have front matter and back matter that is organized properly to give your book a professional look understand what metadata can be embedded within an ebook and how it relates to discoverability gain comprehension of how more complicated back matter like an index and notes section can function in an ebook. Its really not all that complicated, but it is important to get it right if you. Specific requirements and examples for each part of the front matter follow. The actual first page of your book after the front matter should always start on a righthand page and will be page 1. Book promotion expert ben cameron always says writing the blurb is the hardest 100 words youll ever write, and many authors are also stumped when it comes to writing the front and back matter another task that usually falls just when youre feeling least like writing another word, after completing your book s final edit. How to create, edit, delete and change front matter items. These elements bookend your content, the front matter providing specifics related to the content primarily, and the back matter focuses on keeping your reader invested after theyve consumed the content. Page numbers can in a header at the top of the page, or at the bottom, as they are in this book.

Back matter definition, the parts of a book that appear after the main text, as bibliography, index, and appendixes. The back matter of your thesis consists of the notes if you have chosen to group your footnotes at the end of the paper, the references bibliography or literature cited, appendices, and the biographical sketch optional. In the late 19th century, says frank, kansas was known as a hotbed of the leftwing populist movement, but in. Back matter definition of back matter by the free dictionary. Just as front matter is what you find at the beginning of a book, back matter, simply put, is what you find at the end of a bookthe sections that appear after the central story has been completed. All of these pieces front matter, body text, and back matter fit together perfectly to create a complete book. Front matter and back matter are terms used to describe the first and last pages of a book but not the actual story or body content of the book. Your body content is the book itself its your introduction, conclusion and everything in between. The components of a doctoral dissertation and their order english. Back matter items are essentially chapters within a part, with one additional option to customize. Were novices, so working with front matter and back matter is a new experience. Book front matter elements book design made simple. Its the page at the very front of the book, not used in all cases, that has only the title of.

In this excerpt from book design made simple, we offer a list of possible book front matter pages and their proper order. Besides the main items in a nonfiction, other items can be included. Front and back matter in books selfpublishing advice. Book front matter includes some or all of these pages. In most cases, it should appear after all of the other front matter sections, and should begin on page 1 arabic numeral. Im writing my thesis using the report class, which does not support the \frontmatter, \mainmatter, or \backmatter commands. It is however something that ive seen certain authors inquire about on the kindleboards so i thought why not bring it up for some discussion as you create your ebooks whether its meant for kindle or kobo or nook or whoever, you have the option of inserting front matter or back matter. The front matter is a section in the beginning of a book. Are there general guidelines for order of front and back matter. The back matter is paginated consecutively from the last page of the text. Front matter of a book what is included in the front.

The frontmatter, the body of the book, and the backmatter. Now these are merely suggestions for what you can choose to include in the front and back matter of your book. If its a romance, youre feeling the happily ever after. These sections of back matter are often supplementary in nature, and inform the reader about some aspect of the book. After the last page of the manuscripts text, pagination continues in numerical sequence into the back matter. The front matter includes any material that precedes the text. Its the 30,000 to 50,000 words you just pumped out. If youve used roman numerals to paginate your front matter, you have no problem, since the page numbers in the body of the book wont change. There arent any definitive rules for how the different sections of front matter in an ebook should be organized, and it is very unlikely that your book will be rejected for publishing based on how you have structured it except for smashwords, the nitpicky ones.

How to write the front and back matter of your kindle ebook. What is most important is that what you do include looks professional and is well formatted. The back matter, including the appendices, must meet the same margin requirements as the rest of the thesis. That allimportant book back matter and front matter. Back matter includes a blurb, writer biography which may include a photo, testimonial quotes, barcode, isbn, quotes or extracts from the book, and the publishers name and logo. Make the most of your book, include highquality front and back matter. The back matter types menu lets you indicate an items type. These days, acknowledgements seem to be showing up as back matter for fiction as well as nonfiction titles. An afterword is sometimes used to describe a time that is well after the timeframe of the main story. How you should be using back matter in your ebooks adam geen.

Every book, your book included, should have front matter, and making front matter look great is easy if you know how. Placing the appendices after the backmatter in a thesis tex. For the last few weeks, diggypods blog has been discussing the various elements of a books front matter that is, all the different pieces that fit together and introduce the author, the story, the themes, and its importance. Front matter and back matter and why they matter an overview of setting up front and back matter in scrivener taken from the premium online. Pick up multiple books from your shelf and take a look at the front and back matter. Today, we look at the elements which make up the back matter. We tend to spend all of our time writing the main content of the book and fail to factor in the extra time required to write and organize the front and back matter. The parts of a book for self published authors bookstand publishing. How to use your books back matter to massively boost your.

The errata are sometimes found in the back of the book called the back matter. It can be as simple as a single title page, or it can include multiple title pages, foreword, a preface, and much more. A dystopian, probably a little misery mixed in with hope. Most fiction books have a minimum of back matter, while nonfiction can include a number of items. Back matter is information about a book and the writer which follows the end of the main text. How to use your books back matter to massively boost your fanbase, get more shares, and explode your platform. Pick up some books and you will see that the order of these varies. As formatting may change between different versions of microsoft word, and as versions of microsoft word can differ according to user, we strongly encourage you to check your word documents style against the pdf to. Book promotion expert ben cameron always says writing the blurb is the hardest 100 words youll ever write, and many authors are also stumped when it comes to writing the front and back matter another task that usually falls just when youre feeling least like writing another word, after completing your books final edit. Today id like to talk about something that i dont see talked about in too much detail on the web.

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