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South africa census 2011 immigration south africa blog. Population profile census 2001 2011 population, decadal growth rate, sex ratio and density of india. Over the next three years, statistics south africa will be focusing on implementing common standards, definitions and classifications to promote statistical coordination through a national statistics system. Data the primary data utilised for this study is the full 2011 census data statistics south africa 2012. In the fourth part of table 8 we show the first stage results. This document highlights processes that were undertaken during the execution of census 2011 and key results generated. This site provides online access to a selection of results from south africas census 2011 down to the sub place layer of detail, as released in the community profile database dvd set. In south africa, for the past three censuses which have been conducted since the first democratic elections 1996, 2001 and 2011, this reference date has been the night of 910 october 2011. This entry was posted in news, worth knowing and tagged census 2011, infographic, south africa by rudi louw. An ownchildren maternal orphanhood method for estimating fertility rates from census microdata objectives and motivation bob promote need for and use of ipums census microdata michel expand demographic tool kit using empirical data empirical results, za. Pdf should the next south african census be registerbased. Census 2011 will be the third census to be carried out since 1994. South africa census 2011 spatial metadata konektazshape.

South africa south african census 2011, 10% sample datafirst. A new municipality kagisano molopo nw379 was established by merging. Fifth, statistics south africa has already set up a national statistics system that. It undertook to enumerate every person present in south africa on the census night at a cost of r419,000,000. Census 2011 methodology and highlights of key results. According to the 2011 census results, blacks constituted 79. Census 2011 has been successful and has provided lessons that we will take into the next census. Does crime deter south africans from selfemployment. Statistics south africa, 2016 statistical release p0301 107 pp a complete set of stats sa publications is available at stats sa library and the following libraries. Statistics south africa created on march 29, 2019 last. This is the most important topic which you should prepare to score good marks. Questionnaire a the household questionnaire administed to the population in a household setup including those.

In 2011 south africa had the third census to be conducted since the post democratic elections in 1994 and a number of population and household attributes were measured and variety of indicators generated. The results were released in october 2007 with the caution that figures must be read with a certain interval of confidence. Stats sa indicated that they would be recruiting 156,000 individuals for the census 2011 operation including 120,000 fieldworkers, 30,000 supervisors and 6,000 census fieldwork coordinators. Most countries collect a large part of these data through a census. Many people have syncretic religious practices combining christian and indigenous influences. A south african child wears his countrys flag on his face. Contribute to konektazshape files development by creating an account on github. Census is adjusted for undercount after enumeration. South africa south african census 2011, 10% sample. The october 2011 census will be the third census to be conducted in the country. The average household income in south africa has more than doubled over the past decade, according to the 2011 census results.

The city of tshwane metropolitan municipality also known as the city of tshwane is the metropolitan municipality that forms the local government of northern gauteng province, south africa. After the advent of democracy, south africa has already conducted two censuses 1996 and 2001. The african renaissance, south africa s march to a better quality of life, should and needs to be anchored on a strong knowledge and information base. National library of south africa, pretoria division national library of south africa, cape town. We will also know what it is that needs to be done. Community survey 2007 and census 2011 statistics south africa, 2007a, 2011b.

The african renaissance, south africas march to a better quality of life, should and needs to be anchored on a strong knowledge and information base. Data on south africa across agriculture,development,economy,education,energy,environment,finance,government,health,innovation and technology,jobs,society find, compare and share oecd data by country. The 2011 south african census was the last held and the next will be in 2021. The south african national census of 2011 is the 3rd comprehensive census performed by statistics south. A new municipality kagisano molopo was established by merging kagisano and molopo. Census in south africa south african history online. In 1996 south africa had a population of just over 40. South africa has a long history and high coverage of vital registration but censuses and surveys remain the principal sources of demographic information. These results suggest that crime may not be in general a serious threat for. National department of health ndoh, statistics south africa stats sa, south african. A comparison of inflation expectations and inflation credibility in south africa. For the 2011 census statistics south africa specifically applied for permission from the court to enforce.

Statistics south africa will continue to improve the accessibility of. The intent was to provide a count of all persons present within the territory of the republic of south africa at that time. This is a zipped folder containing shape files and geographic database files for cape town for the south african population census 2011. Undertaking a census is a massive exercise and involves collecting, compiling, and analysing demographic, economic and social data about all persons living in a country. South africa population census 1980 world bank microdata library.

South africa demographic and health survey 2016 the dhs. Informative geographical analysis of census results in your area. Statistics south africas 2017 midyear population estimate puts the. Data description, variable construction and sample selection this appendix describes all of the data sources used in the paper. The census results show that the population of south africa increased by about four million from 1996 to 2001. The purpose of this study is to estimate demographic parameters from the 2011 south africa census using various demographic models. Pde is a platform that is designed to help people understand statistics and data through rich, interactive visualisations. While the 20112015 american community survey acs data generally reflect the february 20 office of management and budget omb definitions of metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas.

The 2011 census general report, which was laid before parliament on 4th march 2015, summarises the entire census operation spanning ten years, from the early consultation, legislation and planning stages, through the field activities and data processing including the data capture and coding of questionnaires and the full adjustment of census. As we all know static awareness is one of the most important sections asked in competitive exams like ibps, sbi, ssc, railway, state pcs and other competitive exams. Statistical release revised statistics south africa. After completing the processing of results for the census, statistics south africa statssa sampled 10% of the data which they availed for public access. South african journal of economic and management sciences 14, no. In the 15 years from census 1996 to census 2011, the black population increased by 9. Estimating demographic parameters from the 2011 south. Community survey 2016, statistical release p0301 statistics south africa. The fish river, as it is now called, was first named nxuba river by king sandile in the 18th century after municipal elections on 3 august 2016 it was merged into. Although stats sa do release, from time to time, a note briefly.

Should the next south african census be registerbased. The metropolitan area is centred on the city of pretoria with surrounding towns and localities included in the local government area. For census 2011, fieldwork started on the reference night and continued from 9th to 31st october 2011. Abstract datafirst has been provided with additional gis data for cape town from the city of cape town municipality for the 1991, 1996, 2001, and 2011 censuses. What is clear from the 2011 census results is that more south africans are getting some education compared to 2001, but not enough of it. Afrigis embarked on a journey to create an informative online census portal with the release of statistics south africas statssa 2011 census results. The third census was conducted in october 2011 and a number of population and household attributes were measured and a variety of indicators generated from them. Many people have syncretic religious practices combining christian and indigenous. The applicability of the south african census 2011 data for. A census is a count of all people in the country on a predetermined date called the reference date. A later version was downloaded from statistics south africas website on 29. Stats sa today released census 2011 results, showing that the countrys population grew to 51. Brand south africa according to census 2011 the countrys population is 51.

Published by statistics south africa, private bag x44, pretoria 0001. The way south africa and the uk released their census data recently showed how far sa has to go to embrace open data, says ray joseph. The claims they make need to be checked, openly and impartially. South africa has conducted three censuses 1996, 2001 and 2011. This paper reports on the result of work undertaken by statistics south africa statssa. Census in south africa south africa conducts a census where people are counted according to where they spent the census night snapshot of the country on census night. From 10 to 31 october 2011, south africa will be conducting its third census since the advent of democracy in 1994. Out of this arsenal of information we will know whether south africa is making progress. It undertook to enumerate every person present in south africa on the census night between 910 october 2001 at a cost of r987,000,000 it was organised and planned by statistics south africa in terms of the statistics act from the beginning of 1999, under. Nxuba local municipality was an administrative area in the amatole district of the eastern cape in south africa. Census 2001 2011 population 2011 population grouth rates. A community survey took the place of the 2006 census.

Africa check is an independent, nonpartisan organisation which assesses claims made in the public arena using journalistic skills and evidence drawn from the latest online tools, readers, public sources and experts, sorting fact from fiction and publishing the results. This publication is available on the stats sa website. Every person, household and institution present in south africa on census night, 910 october 1996, should have been enumerated in census 96. Pdf or denotes a file in adobes portable document format. In may 20 statistics south africa stats sa released the 20 midyear estimates after an hiatus which saw no estimates released in 2012, pending the release of the 2011 census results statistics south africa 20. Statistics south africa the south africa i know, the. We used census 2011s 10% samples for both households and individuals data, and the full census data. Census 2011 is the third biggest democratic census to be conducted in south. Sulaiman bah a a health information management and t echnology, university of dammam, po box 2435, dammam, 31441, saudi arabia. For the purpose of returning the result to the respondent, the third.

The units of analysis for the south africa census 2001 were households and individuals. For this, your calculation speed and accuracy matters a lot. Three sets of questionnaires were developed for census 2011. It is in this regard that the south africa government has committed itself to ensuring that census 2011 is successfully carried out as part of the united nations 2010 round of population and housing censuses programme united nations, 2006. Please note the disclaimer at the foot of this page. South africas prohuman rights constitution, stable government, democratic institutions, independent judiciary, and strong economy mean it has. The census of 2001 put south africas population at 44. Producers, statistics south africa government of south africa. The 2011 census will thus be the third census conducted by a democratic south african government and forms part of the 2010 round of african censuses, which aim to provide comprehensive data on the continent, for improved planning and to aid development. City of tshwane metropolitan municipality wikipedia. Organisation for economic cooperation and development oecd.

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